I might be able to compare 2 GRs.

I accidentally clicked to buy a book on Amazon last night...well, it was actually intentional. Oh, I did it again and again, I've got loads of books on my shelf. But this time was a way to know how different 2 GRs were...well, it is an excuse though. As an extensive reader, I need to know the difference. So I bought the book, "Wuthering Heights" with CD which was published by Penguin Readers.

Amazon has already shipped it, so it'll be delivered in a few days, I guess I can start to read it over the weekend. I'll let you know how it was later though, I'm quite not sure when I finish because I like to read GRs in the bath but I cannot stay in the bath too long every time. So I just hope to read the book from beginning to end until the end of this year.

Well, why I wanted to buy the book with the CD because I don't know how I can pronounce the word, "Wuthering".

It is not a diary, anyway.

Suddenly, I realised that I need to write down something in English to find my weakness of my grammatical problem. Some of my blog readers might know I try to study English grammar now, I study it like a junior-high student (mature enough though, haha).

Well, but I thought I might fail to fix the problem properly if I didn't use it as an output. So I decided to write down some articles in English here. As you know, I've got another blog and twitter to mumble something in English but I CANNOT keep posting anything. Most people have their routine, they don't usually do something special everyday. Of course, I'm one of them, that's why I don't keep a diary.

I guess I WON'T write a VERY funny story though, I just hope my grammar skill will improve some day. And it might be the last chance to fix it because learning grammar is absolutely boring, I might not be eager to study it a lot in the future!!!

Please pass my mistake over in silent even if you found out :)

テーマ:Man moves into Ikea for six days

週刊ST 1月25日号より

Well I couldn't believe the story, if there was the same story in Japan, I don't know whether Japanese companies can could accept the offering offer or not. The man said, he couldn't use a sink unit and a fridge because there was no water system and electricity, it reminded me of a famous film as " Dawn of the Dead ". A few survival people survivor escaped from hell, then they found a huge supermarket and stayed there for several days. There are 2 types of the same films film, I much prefer the old one. The old one, the survivors managed to spend their basic life with a lot of stuff from the supermarket though the new one, they enjoyed having a party at the supermarket. That's because of a film, it is not a true story. But the man stayed in New York City, he had done the experience like the film, although he didn't had have any party. It was a true story indeed.

テーマ:All covet, all lost. - すべてを望めばすべてを失う

週刊ST 1月11日号より

An actor said, when he tried to have his ow own house, he designed for 90% his desire house of what he desired in a house because he did know the proverb. So he succeed his career and we can see his face on TV a lot. I agree with the meaning of the proverb, I guess if we can gain all of our desire desires to get everything, we will lost lose our ways way. I know some of people want everything, for example greed for money and I also know they lost everything. A lot of desire will be moved a lot of people to get it but we should pay attention to get the desire. Not much desire is better for us because we can find other desire desires in the future.

テーマ:Seaweed a weapon against global warming

週刊ST 1月4日号より

I'm quite into the problem of global warming. Some scientists found news things against it, I'm always in anticipation of how it works. Do you know why it is problem for earth? A poor middle age English man told me the reason confidently, it was because of pollution, I couldn't understand why he had confidence in his answer. The correct answer is carbon dioxide, it makes a thick layer as the greenhouse effect gaser* ( don't know the spelling, need to ask my teacher later ), so the atmosphere is getting warm. Why I'm into the problem is because of our future, our children and our grandchildren. Although I've not got any children yet, I joined the team minus 6 % which is for Kyoto protocol. If you love your children and think of your grandchildren, I recommend you should think what you can do that for them and what you think is right for their future.

テーマ:Monks, nuns hold fashion show

週刊ST 12月28日号より

Actually, I've already seen the show on TV before and I was impressed in it because I thought it was a fantastic idea. I've likes I've always liked listening to some stories from monks since I was a child. My aunt often had some memorial ceremonies about her family, so I had the chances chance to listen to some spiritual stories. I enjoyed every time and thought about what my spirit was. It might have been good opportunities for me because a lot of people don't have any chance of the spiritual session. So the fashion show is good to know what Buddhist is. If someone was interested in it, they will have a chance to go to temples and know how much beautiful they are. And it is also easy to understand for foreigners, I hope the show will become a famous Japanese culture cultural event in the world.

テーマ:Don't look a gift horse in the mouth. - 人の親切にけちをつけるな

週刊ST 12月21日号より

I cannot often decide what I should send my nephew on his birthday and Christmas. He is 5 years old now, he likes Japanese TV cartoons though, he often changes his favourite characters. It is because of Japanese TV system, lots of programmes finish showing quickly, then the channels provide new series. When I sent him a toy for his birthday last year, he seemed not to be happy, it made me a little disappointed a little. So I chose a DVD to send him on Christmas. Even if he didn't doesn't enjoy watching it now, I'm sure he will watch it again when he grew grows up enough.

テーマ:British pie gets major makeover

週刊ST 12月7日号より

I cannot understand why a lot of people say, British food is horrible. Before I went to UK, I had heard someone said say, I could only eat fish and chips. But the bet was failed because I became to love British food a lot. I thought one One of the reason might have been my host mum who was a German lady and good at cooking very well. Although I didn't notice which meal was British or German, I enjoyed all of them every time. So I love British food, the best of my favourite is Yorkshire puddings though, I also like English pastry pies. Whenever I found the shops in supermarkets or city centre, I always bought some pies. One of my favourite taste was a mushroom one, the sauce was really fantastic. Oh, I miss the taste! I would love to eat it again now though, I don't have the making skill unfortunately, please someone let me know how to make English pastry pies easily!

テーマ:A stitch in time saves nine - 今日の一針、明日の十針

週刊ST 11月30日号より

I'm a bit of a lazy person, I didn't don't believe that if I keep doing something little by little, I'll get the that skill some time day. And I often lose interest in something to keep I do, and then I will definitely look for something new to do. 6 Six years ago, I suddenly started learning English, I only wanted to talk to someone who was a famous musician. When I lived in Tokyo, I often saw many artist in Harajuku and tried to talk to them though, I was only disappointed in my English skill at that time. But I had never wanted to learn it before, so I started it and I've kept learning for a long time. I didn't have any confidence in my English before I had the TOEIC test in September, then I've I got 660 points and been was surprised because I didn't expect how high score I could get. So I've realised if I could can keep doing something for a long term time, I can get the a result positively positively result and much confidence in my English. I now understood how much it was very important to keeping important it is to keep doing something even if I was am very busy.
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